Thursday, November 12, 2009

Boston - in less than 48 hours

I've visited Boston 5 times in the past, and had an entirely different experience each and every time. From my first trip in high school with my parents, where I stood in awe of the stacked brick houses and picturesque river and bridges, to my last trip, where I strolled the city comfortably with a post-local snapping photos of towering churches and tree lined streets. Every trip has been a good trip and while I've never spent more than a few days there some places have left a lasting impression. An Ode to some of my favorite spots....and moments during my last trip with my kind tour guide and great friend, Marisa.

The Boston Commons

The New England Holocaust Memorial

Beacon Hill

The original Cheers bar, which is actually called Bull & Finch Pub, "where everybody knows your name,".....

Marisa and I enjoying some beers at Cheers

Swan Lake

Back Bay

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