Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The 4-Day Weekend

I've always "burned the candle at both ends," as my father says. So, when the opportunity came up to take a 4-day weekend surrounding a planned trip to DC for the inauguration, I was hesitant to take it (after I had to call off my trip to DC due to Amtrack's lack of ability to hold my ticket for me). But, I have squeezed more fun and relaxation out of these last four days than I ever expected. Here is how I filled my days:

Saturday: Like a true vacation day I rolled out of bed, over to the gym, into the shower and on to the couch. I napped most of the afternoon while Jerome worked next to me. At night we treated ourselves to some amazing dinner and a light cocktail before resigning back to bed around 1 AM. Of course I could blame the bitter cold for my lazy day but I'd prefer to be honest and blame my laziness.

Sunday: Revived with far more sleep than the human body needs I was eager to get out into the snow on Sunday. So, Jerome and I meet Christine and her cousin Lindsey down in the West Village for some brunch. After some fine fruit and bloody Mary's at French Roast the girls separated from the pack to dine and drink our way through the day. We sipped on sangria to the DJ's beats at Cafe Nior and made friends with some folks from London in the music industry. We wandered through the snowy streets up to West Village to the Spotted Pig for some martinis and snacks (note: dirty martinis with calamata olive juice is a whole new world). Then, we carried on to the White Horse for the Stealer's game and some bizarre conversation with some cocky fashion bitches (and by bitches, I mean mean men with such massive egos and so little common sense that they become completely ridiculous conversationalist and jerks). Finishing off the night, we headed to the Art Bar where we ordered drinks and nachos while snuggling into a cozy couch. As most know, snuggle couches and drinks make me fall asleep....in true Andrea fashion I slept the entire cab ride home.

Monday: A day like any other in NYC - full of opportunity and life - presented itself to Davina and I (a rare holiday from the daily grind). We began our day ice skating in Bryant Park, surrounded by the historic buildings of midtown. As the snow began to fall and the ice skating rink filled up snow flakes Dee and I circled around bright orange cones and swam through children's knee pads and flaying arms. The Park was amazing and the rink was absolutely magical.
After a long walk through the East Village and Tompkins Sq. Park we had a Monday afternoon brunch (even if it was 3 PM, it was still eggs and coffee). Then, we headed off to the Russian/Turkish Bath house, which was a whole new NYC experience for me. A set of 5 steam rooms, connected by a tiled common area and cold pool, resounded with the European side of my being. Without caring about what I looked like in my bikini or who else had sat on the clean white tiles before me, I RELAXED. My muscles relaxed, my mind let go and I centred myself. It was incredible.
From there, we stubbled upon some amazing boutiques and a Japanese restaurant (Ippudo). Ippudo's wooden slatted walls and lounge-style seating provided enough comfort for me to profess my love for it - and that was before the food came. The cucumber salad, house udon and pork buns were a level above any others I've tried and made my taste buds dance in my mouth. After a viewing of Revolutionary Road, which depressed me to all hell and amazed me as an actor and theater lover, I headed uptown to grab a drink with Jerome and Emily before snuggling into bed.

Tuesday - Jerome took the day off and we watched the Inauguration in awe (see blog post below). Seeing Obama swore-in, and welcoming this time of change and restoration we felt elated and celebratory. In the hours of the day that were ours we wandered the city streets, drank in the local bars and invited friends over for our very own personal 'Brisket Sandwiches for Change' dinner.

Pride and Hope

Today was Obama's inauguration into presidency; which lead him to become the 44th President of the United States. I've never been more confident in our Country's future, despite the downturn in the economy and the relative crumbling of my fair city. As millions around the world watched, Obama addressed the American people and in true Presidential fashion set himself aside from the pack by poetically speaking TO the people about the hardships to come along our road to recovery. And, although it's been increasingly difficult for me to understand how this country, which is full of so many different opinions, cultures, and up bringing can pull together to accomplish any thing completely, he gave us all hope. So, as I complete my cheesy diatribe and head out the door to celebrate I feel comforted, revived and full of fight for our new President and administration.