Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009: Max and Ira Storm Manhattan

I decided to sew, button, Velcro and glue my Halloween costume together this year. I've never been much of a domestic genius, and although I knew sewing was going to be horribly challenging I wanted to give it a try. I figured Max, from the newly topical Where the Wild Things are, would be an easy enough costume to create with a few yards of white fabric, big buttons, a dowel, silver king ball, and a crown. How hard could that be to re-create? Answer: 2 full days in the fashion districts tinyest shops and at least 8 hours trying to figure out a sewing machine.

First off, sewing is tough (don't combat me on this, I already know I'm domestically challenged) and sewing with a cheap sewing machine is even harder. The fleece fabric I bought for the pants, which would be tucked under the white sweatshirt with big round buttons and a white hood, easily caught in the sewing machine and tended to fall apart if yanked to hard in the wrong direction. The king staff turned my living room into a silver glitter and gluey mess and my Max PJ pants turned into short shorts with white leggings.

Jerome's take on Ira included some long white claws, attached to old gloves, tall horns, filled with aluminum foil and attached to my headband and fur from one of my winter coats.

So, we stormed Manhattan, from Fredrick Brown's show in the Lower East Side to Gus' birthday part on the Upper West Side and made plenty of friends along the way. Some photos, prepping for our night out:

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