Sunday, December 2, 2007


Success is one of those words that holds a separate definition for everyone. My definition has changed several times over the last few years. I no longer reserve this word for major life or career changes that I brought on myself. Now, I use this word strictly for the emotion that runs through me when I feel a rush of success during my day. Itºs (pardon the Portuguese keyboard) an easily identifiable emotion that leaves satisfaction and strenth in its trail.

The other morning I felt the rush of success and strolled through the remainder of my day with a silly smile on my face. How, you ask? I made a valiant and skilled trip to the bus station in Lisbon from my hotel. Sounds silly, huh? Travelers conquer this quest everyday....But, this trip was different.

I had one opportunity to catch the morning bus out of town, sending me on my way to Southern Portugal. I mapped out my subway route, had breakfast with my new friend at the hostel, Jana, and hiked to the metro station. Of course, I boarded the train the wrong way and set myself behind. Then, when I finally found the right metro station I could not find any signage pointing me toward the bus station. With only 10 minutes to spare, in the early morning sun, I started running down the street looking for the bus stop (yes, over-sized backpack and all.)

But, I alone* made it to the bus in time and made my way down to Lagos for cool relaxing day in the sun. That is my definition of success and it felt goooooood.

*Please note~ When I realized I was sprinting down the street in the wrong direction I stopped the only man I saw on the street and asked him for directions in broken Portuguese. The VERY kind man didn'tºt speak any English and gave me directions back in Portuguese ~which is always the problem with faking a language. When he saw the confusion on my face he turned around and walked me to the entrance of the bus station. My guardian angel for the day.
Sometimes even success needs a little help along the way....