Friday, November 21, 2008

Buenos Aires

BA is so full of life and energy! The city is a hybrid between Manhattan and Mexico City. We arrived here, again, yesterday and meet up with Brian in Plaza Serrano. So far we´ve discovered:

The cafes, with afordable glasses of wine cafe con leche´s are considered places for social gatherings and business meetings.

The restaurants, which fill up around 10 PM offer so much more than the affordable steaks and trout on their menus. Their easy going slow place also offers it´s dinners a small vacation from the busy outside streets.

We´re off to explor Recoleta and La Boca....more to come soon.

Monday, November 17, 2008

From BA to Mendoza

So far, I owe my wonderful trip to Dramimine (sp.) which knocked me out cold on the 11 hour plane ride to BA and again on the 12 hour bus ride to Mendoza. I´m currently locked in a internet cafe slash Subway sando shop with a group of on lookers who keep telling me to watch my bag....apparently I look like a tourist. It´s nice to be in a place I can experience something new everytime I move my eyes away from my computer screen.

Our day and night in BA was amazing. We stayed at a fantastic, small, hotel in Palermo called 248 Finesterra. The garden and sun deck were inviting, even if we didn´t have the opportunity to spend any time on either of them. We immediatly went out for lunch at a steak place down the street after we checked in and moved on with our day by wandering through the massive park, and Palermo (SOHO and Hollywood). I should be floating by now, based on the amount of cafe con leche´s I´ve drank but I simply can´t stop (not only are they good, they jolt my tired braincells awake). After a nap at the hotel, we headed out to dinner (again in Palermo SOHO) at a Brazilian place with the best Capprisha (sp.) I´ve ever had. Then, of course, we had to have a bottle of Malbec with our flan desert, which paired together made one of the most fantastic desert expereices ever.

Today we´re in Mendoza, which is far quiter and smaller. We´re deciding on a wine tour and trecking or horseback ridding tour for the next two days. We´re off to find Jerome a guitar so he can play in the garden of our hotel (the amazing Posada de Rosas with a huge room and kind care givers).

Missing you all with tired eyes.