Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kennebunkport, Maine - American July 4th

I've never had such an American themed July 4th before I headed up to Kennebunkport, Maine last weekend. Skye, Davina, Jerome and I headed out to Kennebunkport on Thursday afternoon, after picking up an Enterprise rental car in New Jersey and took out time getting out of Manhattan. After our hour and a half ride across the Triborough bridge we snaked through Connecticut and speed through Massachusetts on up to Maine. We watched the sunset, played each of our county's national anthems on the way up (God Defend New Zealand, Advance Australia Fair and The Star Spangled Banner), and played DJ.

We arrived at Skye's Aunt and Uncle's (Janet and Ernie)house pretty late, and set up our beds before falling into them nostalgically. Waking up on Friday morning was a treat to say the least. Their back yard laid out before our window and revealed amazing green grass and a long white deck harboring two small BBQ's. We didn't waste any time before we headed to Goose break beach and got on playing some tunes (song selection ranged from Tracey Chapman to the Herpes Song).

Then we headed to downtown Kennebunkport, the full 4-blocks of it, and found ourselves some town sites including the clam shack, lowlands, lobster retailer, and our favorite the Arundel Wharf Restaurant - which serves cocktails and lobster rolls in classic beach chairs on the river.

After celebrating our Independence (primarily from work) we picked up some booze and headed back to Janet and Ernie's place to clean up for dinner. Their beautiful house, surrounded by white picket fence on the main drag leaving town, suited out stay well. As gracious hosts they guided us to their favorite local pub for the cheapest and best lobster in town (10 dollars a pop without sides) which had the incredible feel of an Irish pub. As the thunderstorms rolled through and patrons rushed in from the outdoor, deck seating, we lashed ourselves on glasses of white wine, hand drawn beer and fresh cooked lobsters. We even learned the proper way to break a lobster tail apart with only a few slight injuries along the way.

On to the big celebration, the Forth of July! We celebrated at Bill and Linda's house, which was located in Dolphin Point, close by Janet and Ernie's house. After a nice morning on the beach, which was warm enough to allow us some playtime in the water (including stinging skin and numb limbs) we headed over to the party. Bill and Linda's house and view were amazing....

We spent our evening meeting amazing new folks, singing along to American-themed songs and playing with sparklers. It was truly and amazing night.

Making our way home was leisurely and enjoyable. Although we spent most of our day in the car we enjoyed several beaches, bars and restaurants along the way. Great times! (Only a few lobsters were harmed in the making of this blog post.)

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