Tuesday, April 14, 2009


You know when you come down with a cold or a flu, and it keeps you bottled up in bed for a full day against your will? For some reason, it always makes me so restless. If I choose to spend a lazy day watching movies or cooking, it never evokes the same emotion as sick restlessness.

After a fun-filled Easter weekend, surrounded by friends, parties and good food I came down with the sniffles Monday morning. The sniffles were quickly followed by the aches and flu-like symptoms before I crawled back into bed at 6 pm. Today, after a morning on work on the couch and afternoon of naps on the couch I'm tempted to dash outside and breath in the NYC air. I'm not to sure what part of my brain has been mis-wired but I don't like to sit still for to long.

Perhaps I can use this time to hit up Duane Reede for some more TheraFlu....woooo hooo.

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