Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nashville, TN Favorites: Franklin's Cajun Steamer Review

"Let me out of here...."

I just returned from Nashville, TN and enjoyed a full 5-days of music, laughter, drinks, divine food, and lovely new experiences.

My absolute favorite part of visiting Nashville is always catching up with my friend Melissa.  I've described our friendship in the past as invincible.  Now, I'd like to add that we are also confident and hilarious together.  She's kind, giving, hilarious, and beautiful - which is perhaps why we're able to have a good time anywhere we go.  We'll talk more about her later.

I would love to discuss all my favorite parts of Nashville in a single post, but then I'd never catch up on life back at home.  So, I'll take some of my favorite picks from the long weekend and share them with you individually.

I heart seafood and have been wanting to attend a Crawfish boil ever since I missed my friend Alyson's wedding in Louisiana a couple of years ago.  So, when Melissa and her wonderful friend Ashley took me to Cajun Steamer in Franklin, TN, just outside of Nashville, I couldn't resist.  The Crawfish were meaty and flavorful and the portions were extravagant and robust.  And, if you're feeling a little out of sorts, there's even directions for peeling and eating Crawfish at each table.  I'm having a bit to much fun with my descriptors here but, I think you get the point.

The setting is festive and colorful, with long basic tables and sweet, kind-hearted waitresses.  The long bar and tall metal staircase at the entrance set the scene as a more popular and cramped space than most local restaurants.  The excessive amount of televisions around the restaurants tuned into whatever college basketball, baseball, or football game is on is suggestive of a sports bar, but leans towards the Cajun theme.  The food is what really makes this place memorable.  Tall glasses or bourbon drinks or sweet tea, appetizer options like alligator (which tastes like chicken) and big platters of steamed seafood or southern chicken are all pretty amazing.  I'd personally suggest a half order of the Crawfish, which Melissa and I shared, the Melvin's Blackened Chicken (which Ashley ordered) and any of the numerous Po-Boys which all looked delish and juicy enough to handle their thick bread wrappings.

So, my favorite restaurant award in Franklin, TN goes to Cajun Steamer.

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