Thursday, August 12, 2010


Honestly, my dear blog, sometimes I have trouble keeping up with you.  You provide me with such a wonderful outlet to release my thoughts, jot down my adventures, and re-read my stories but you are constantly begging for attention.  On certain days, which can stretch out for weeks on end, I just don't have the time to update you and give you the love you so obviously deserve.  I apologize for my mistreatment of your pages, and overzealous postings when I play catch up.  I still love you and know you deserve the best. 

So, my sweet, loving blog, I will provide you with my summer's stories this week.  Sharing the thrilling moments, and eclectic cultural experiences till you're dazzled and amazed.  The only present I can offer you is the one you so obviously need. 

I'll get better my friend and will treat you as my least for this week.


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