Thursday, August 19, 2010

NYC Staples: La Colombiana

La Colombiana in Central Park

There are a wide variety of  NYC "staples," from types of food to fashion, and from types of people to modes of transportation.   So, depending on what interests you most, you can usually find the most sensational version of it somewhere in this town. 

I've always been interested in people.  I know that sounds way to general and even a bit ridiculous, but as a social creature, I love talking to, reading about, or watching unique people.  

La Colombiana in Central Park
So, it's not a big surprise that one of my favorite NYC staples is an older guy with a multicolored bread who walks around NYC in long dresses toting his equally multicolored poodle in a baby carriage.  From what I've read he's Colombian and is regularly refereed to as La Colombiana.  Although I've never had a chance to speak with him, since he's normally posing for photos or speaking with his dog (or occasionally parrot) when I see him.  But, I can tell that he's made NYC his own - with fans from Jackson Heights to the East Village - and is more comfortable in his own skin, and city, than half of SOHO.  You simply have to love him for pulling that off, even if he's not your type.

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