Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa Con NYC 2009

Santa Con, or the annual Santa and friends convention, took place on Dec. 12 in NYC this year. This convention describes itself as, "...a not-for-profit, non-political, non-religious & non-logical Santa Claus convention, attended for absolutely no reason." Although they are very careful to avoid promoting themselves as a alcohol and drug induced march through city streets, that's what draws the crowds. Shortly before the convention date the organizers post a book of revised Carols, including such tunes as Cannabis is Coming to Town and O Come all ye Perverts. It's a blast to participate it, and provides a kind of jovial, silly way to kick off the holiday season. It's also an amazing photo opportunity with all the creativity streaming through the veins of fellow new yorkers, which Jerome, Davina and I did our best to keep up with.

I included some of my shots below. Some great photos from fellow Santa's, Christmas Trees, Elves, Ms. Claus', Nutcrackers, and several provocative red and white striped convention goers are posted on Flicker.

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