Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Open Letter to 2009

My story is not that different than many people this year. I work as a publicist and have had a very successful career over the last 9 years, earning the title of VP at my last firm. But, as the economy sank, client’s budgets shrank and PR agencies had to shut doors. I lost my job last July and have worked hard to supplement my income with freelance work and try my best to spend my free hours volunteering and fundraising for amazing charities such as Harlem Baby College and New York Cares. The emotional paycheck I earn from volunteering and investing myself in these charities is priceless.

But, my dream to travel and buy a place to call home have been put on hold. I had a round-the-world trip scheduled with my boyfriend in 2010 and now have to focus on paying bills and rent. I hate collecting unemployment (on weeks when I can’t get freelance projects) after taking all the right steps to get my career on track and make smart choices to secure my future. And, while I refuse to place blame on our economy's current place in time, I have to be patient while I work to find the perfect clients to build out my business and understand that drive, intelligence, experience and ambition won't come as quickly or easily as they used to.

So, to my fellow 2009 vets, and every entrepreneur who's working to make something new and different out of this sludge I salute you and will do my very best to keep up with you as we enter a new decade and (hopefully) economy in 2010

Thank you,

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