Thursday, November 29, 2007

You know you're in Portugal when...

Most of the sights you visit were built in the 14th and 15th Century and simply can not be captured by the lens of your camera - no matter how many photos you take

The only place that offers Internet access is a bar at the end of a cobblestone street

The seafood you had for dinner was so good it makes you salivate when you think about hour after you finished your meal

You see more lighthouses than cars - although this comment is specifically limited to Largos

The churches you see are draped in gold - specifically Sao Jeromino in Porto whose interiors are painted in 450 pounds of gold

Your glass of port tastes fresh

A bottle of fine red wine - and I mean tasty wine- starts at 2 Euro

Aside from red wine your ideal of 'cheap Europe' has disappeared

You can't decide between a tour of the wine country in Evora or a trip to the East Coast of Portugal which boasts 70 degree temperatures in November for your next stop

You learn how to suck the heads off your shrimp

You can be a skilled mapstress (my term for a good navigator) and still get lost for multiple hours

The word 'pastry' obtains a whole new meaning including local treats and secret yet wonderful fillings

Your hair smells like smoke every morning...along with your favorite pair of jeans and socks

You can jump into the Atlantic Ocean in November just before sunset without freezing to death

You can become so engrossed with seeing the country that you don't have time to blog....

More to come soon

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Anonymous said...

Where are the pictures! Your trip so far sounds a touch better tham my cube - so jealous