Thursday, February 3, 2011

What to do with 36" of Snow

Sheep Meadow
 New York City received 36 inches of snow last month. It's the most on record for any January, beating out the 30 inches we received in 1925. Not that I was around to enjoy that January, but I'd imagine it was even tougher to get around then. Now, with snow plows, subways and snow eroding salt there's no reason to stay at home and stare at the fluffy white stuff falling past your window. Of course, it's only fluffy and white for a few hours, before it turns into a black and white iced over milkshake snow piled up on the side of the roads. But, Central Park is another story. I went for a stroll through our beautiful city park following the blizzard last week and discovered a winter wonderland. Of course, I started my stroll at the Harlem Meer, my favorite spot in the Park. Here's some photos of my walk.
Adam Clayton Powell Blvd and 120 Street

Central Park near Harlem Meer



Sledding and snowball fights

The Reservoir

The Reservoir

Sking Around the Reservoir

Snowmen on The Great Lawn
The Reservoir

The Foutain and The Lake

Central Park's Lake (it's under there, I swear)

Sheep Meadow

By Far...The Stragest Snowman I've ever seen
Top Sledding Hill: Central Park West and 64 St.

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