Monday, January 31, 2011

My Current Obsessions

I obsesses.  I drag others into my obsessions.  I do my best to convince everyone to tell their friends about my recent finds, discoveries, or realization and start my own personal marketing campaign for each individual obsession.  It's a little sick, I realize.  But, as a social creature I'm happier when I have company in my madness.  Please let me know if you'd like to join me on my wild ride following, using or creating any of the topics below and I'll stop harassing you all about them.  Even better…tell me about your latest obsessions and I’ll add them to my ever-growing list.
My top 6 obsessions of the month include:
  • Podcasts (in order of preference)
    • Wait, Wait, Don't Tell me - Seriously funny, oddly educational.
    • This American Life - Proves there's nothing more interesting than our own personal life stories.
    • Culturetopia and Ted Talks (solid tie, depending on my mood that day and the podcast topic)
  • Brussel Sprouts
    • I'm a big fan of roasted brussels but had a brussel sprout epiphany when I tasted the sauteed sprouts at 10 Downing which included anchovies, garlic, and olive oil - topped with a wobbly poached egg,  No, seriously, it was defining moment for me and the little lettuce balls after years of hatred and bitter fights.
  • Crafting
    • I call myself an abstract artist, but not in the well-trained, multi-talented kind of way.  I simply can't paint or draw a solid depiction of...well anything.  So, I craft things like photo frames, body scrub and wallets.  My latest crafts have come out of my new craft book, The Big Ass Book of Crafts.  Thanks to my friend Bonnie for such a perfect birthday gift.

  • Dining Out on Coupons
    • See my Scoutmob and Blackboard Eats post for details.  I expect this obsession to last for a long time.
  • Board Games
    • Thanks to my friend Jen's latest twist on Apples to Apples, board games are back in my life and part of my weekend nights again.  Perhaps this is a sign that I'm getting old.  Perhaps it's a sign I'm feeling young again.  Regardless, I love it.
  • Top Websites of the Month
    •, which tracks all your finances for you and offers tips and advise for saving money, investing money and being smarter about your financial choices.  So what if everyone caught on to this website years ago.  It's already saved me 200 bucks this month and my love for it will only continue to grow.
    • Qwiki which acts as a search engine but relays the information to you in a storytelling manner.  For example when I typed in "Brussel Sprouts" an automated voice came on and told me the average size of a sprout, the top exporters of the sprout and the nutritional benefits of the sprout.  What more could you want?  Thanks to Davina for opening my eyes to this one.

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