Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Facebook's New Battle With Google

Facebook's New Battle With Google covers the Social Media giant's newest messaging platform which incorporates email, SMS, and IM chat. It stands to streamline the multiple lines of communication that we all rely so heavily on, IF it works. Since email is a flawed system, most of us have learned that IM chats or text messages are faster and easier for one-off conversations. What if they could all live in one happy place?

And, in theory, I'd love to have all my conversations in one spot instead of scrambling to find a long lost text message about a new restaurant my friend found, or a random email with my dental insurance information in it from my boyfriend. But, I still have a slight mistrust of Facebook and don't see the site as my friend, even though I happily correspond with all my friends on their platform. Their extensive point of sale style marketing and sudden changes in their privacy policies make me a wary user.

And, if we're going to narrow this down to a fight between Google and Facebook, my brand loyalty is still with Google. I will openly say that it's because I have had fewer problems on their platforms (including Gmail), and their innovations make my work and personal life easier. But, I'm a marketer and know that their marketing, PR and advertising are aimed at making me feel warm and fuzzy about their smart services and offerings.

The video on Facebook's new messaging service is a great, and won me over for now. But, as always I'll wait to place all my eggs in one basket until all the bugs are worked out and the privacy policies are clearly posted.

What do you think?


skinna said...

Agree word for word.

Lost in Harlem said...

@Steph - Isn't it insane that we now live in a world where the words "trust" and the name of a website or webserver are used in the same phrase. It makes me feel old, but these here are crazy days.