Tuesday, June 16, 2009

San Diego...or is it Saint Deiago?

I just returned from a quick trip to the west coast for a visit with my favorite brother Brian (don't worry, I'm not offending anyone here, I only have on brother). After his wreck last week (see Whoop Ass post below) I was eager to see Brian and give him hell. It was a nice mellow trip to SD, including a jog along the beach, a nice night out in La Jolla (including an entertaining comedy show), a swim in Bri's new pool, a trip to Target and Sam's club (it's amazing how much fun shopping can be when you think you're in the land of cheap merchandise), a quick photo shoot at Oceanside Harbor, a night out with Aaron and Jenny (the best staple in SD), brunch with Lorrie, Johnathan and my new nephew Theo. Well, not that I've jotted it all down, it seems like a I might have taken my bro out for a bit of a wild weekend just a few days after his release from the hospital. Oh well, it seems like he had a good time too. Photos below.

Fun times at Oceanside Harbor (above and below)

My friends, the pirate and the mermaid.

Brian's new pad in Vista, CA.

Me and Theo, just hanging.

Bri and Jen at the Calyso.

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