Sunday, September 14, 2008


The Eureka's -- an stellar team of friends including Jerome, Bonnie, Erick, Davina and myself -- took the Conflux East Village scavenger hunt by storm yesterday. We scavenged (see photo) throughout the village, solving puzzles about everything from the location of the 1988 riots to the meaning behind Adam Purple's garden on Eldridge Street. We were supposed to earn points by gathering items from seperate challenges, proposed by the teams who were playing alongside us. But, either the heat/humidity or our hangovers got the best of us and we decided to just focus on the puzzles. At the finishline, the Eureka's lack of challenge points hurt our final score significantly, and we came in close to last (close being the key word here). But - I'm pretty sure we had the most fun....and in my book, that's all that counts.


Anonymous said...

What's the most interesting puzzle you solved?

Lost in Harlem said...

Adam Purple created a garden on Eldridge St. and had a passion for the enviorment. Al Gore's passion for the enviorment was one of this president's vices, what was his other? Just shy of 21?