Monday, August 25, 2008

Camping in NY

Camping a few hours away from NYC was a completely new experience for me. Past my quite California and European camping trips, there's something to be said for NY camping. Here's my positive spin on it....

  • You show up at midnight and your campsite is already brightly lit by your neighboring campers ultra bright lantern.
  • You set up your tent to the base of rap music coming from the campsite 2 sites down, with a metal swing set on it.
  • You meet George, the firewood delivery guy who manages this campsite, and is somehow living your quasi-dream-life.
  • You watch in amazement as your friends swiftly build a fire, a talent you never knew they had.
  • You can hear a slight babble from the creek you sleep beside, over the music and crackling fire.
  • You realize that the motor homes on the campground may have been there longer than just a few days, as their Christmas lights and turf lawns spot the landscape.
  • You can walk to get another bag of ice when you run out.
  • The local store you buy ice at is also the town's DMV.
  • Your hike for the day includes of a mile and a half long walk along a highway with no sidewalks.
  • You hike up to the top of Mt. Temper Tantrum, which takes about 2.5 hours, exposes beautiful views of the entire Catskills Park.
  • Your dip in the creek after your hike feels a fresh and cold, but it doesn't quite "clean" you off.
  • Waterfalls are note the easiest places to pee in the water.

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